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(Урок английского языка в VIII классе)Танзиля Миршарипова,учитель высшей квалификационной категории Актанышской средней школы № 2 I vote for...Topic: Electronic books and paper booksAims:- To help stu...

(Урок английского языка в VIII классе)
Танзиля Миршарипова,
учитель высшей квалификационной категории Актанышской средней школы № 2 
I vote for...
Topic: Electronic books and paper books
- To help students argue for and against ebooks and paper books
-                    To develop students’ writing skills
-                    To develop students’ reading skills
-                    To develop students’ speaking and listening skills
Today we have a forum-lesson, like a debate.
I vote for... What do you vote for?
Pupils’ answers:
I vote for the peace.
I vote for clean environment.
Lead in
At the end of our lesson you will say about your choice.
Look at the screen and guess today’s topic of debate. What are we going to speak about?
Pupils’ answers:
Ebooks and paper books
Yes, you are right. I think that reading is one of the most important problems nowadays.
Practicing reading and speech
Read the words of wisdom. What can you say about these words?
Pupils’ answers.
Practicing the speech
What is ebooks and paper books?
Pupils’ answers:
Ebook is....
A paper book is...
Practicing listening skills
Watch the video and say if you are right.
Pupils’ answers.
I have 3 boxes for voting: the first is for ebooks, the second is for paper books, I will not say about the third one. At the end of our lesson we will count your votes.
Checking homework
They will do “Continuous Round Robin”, they speak in chain in groups.
Grouping the students
Students do “Mix-Freeze-Group”, they go round the tables, dance, when the music stops, they listen to the questions:
Stand up if you like the internet.
How many windows do we have in our classroom?
What conditional does the formula…….have?
How many notebooks can you see in our classroom?
How many forms of irregular verbs do you know?
How many letters does the word “year” have?
Practicing writing skills
In groups of 4 students will discuss the topic.
The first group: - for e-books
-against paper books.
The second group: - for paper books
- against ebooks
They come to the boxes and put there their votes. They do not speak.
Practicing reading skills
Students take votes, read and stick them on the board. We count votes.
-                    Watch a video.
I have the third box, for friendship.
Can ebooks and paper books be friends?
Pupils’ answers.
-                    Every home has a kitchen - but many people visit restaurants several times a week. So it is with the e-book, an electronic tablet that aids in the reading of the printed word. A lot of people want to have them - but traditional books are as popular now as ever.
-                    In my opinion, it is wisest to learn more about this devise too. None of us knows what will happen in another year, or two, or five. So we need to be flexible.
You all have worked very well. What have you done today?
Do you like your work at the lesson?
Let's write down your homework.
Thank you for your work.

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